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Mobile desktop also ushered in the era of intelligence?

Recently, a mobile phone desktop screenshots triggered a lot of friends Tucao. Things are like this: a few days ago, millet official confirmed millet enthusiasts long-awaited MIUI 9 new lock screen design features. Following the official confirmation of the new lock screen design, the online inexplicable emergence of the so-called MIUI 9 system screenshots, because… Read More »

Apple gets a new patent: or launched an integrated Siri docking station

According to foreign media reports, Apple has received a called “for the activation of portable electronic devices voice recognition mode of intelligent docking station,” the technology patent, its role is to let Siri personal assistant better into the home equipment to go. The same time as Apple gets new patent (picture from baidu) Apple in… Read More »

OLED just transition new Apple Watch with micro-LED screen

In 2014, Apple acquired a company called LuxVue, won the company’s micro-LED technology, in the past few years, this display panel technology began to cause industry attention, Apple is also actively research and development. Micro-LED technology, also known as LED miniaturization and matrix technology, which inherited the inorganic LED high efficiency, high brightness, high reliability… Read More »

Teams Facebook Google Edition to add personalized news services

Google in the search application to add personalized information flow Google reported on Wednesday that its mobile search application was redesigned to include personalized links based on user hobbies, travel, sports, and other topics, according to Reuters news agency on July 19. This will make Google and Facebook and other social networks to start more… Read More »

Apple new patent: emergency situations can be used fingerprints or specific input operation quietly for help

According to foreign media reports, local time on Tuesday, the US Patent and Trademark Office announced a patent application of Apple technology, the technical department allows you through a series of input operations to quietly issued an emergency call command, and not Let the attacker know. This patented technique is called “biometric communication”, and an… Read More »

Run exe! Microsoft “temporary workers” exposed Surface mobile phone: revolutionary folding screen

According to Microsoft CEO Nadera’s argument, Microsoft’s mobile phone business did not give up, and they are developing a revolutionary product. On the “revolutionary” understanding, the general rumors are based on the ARM chip running exe program, and the desktop system is no different Tonight, Microsoft Azure official Twitter a photo attracted attention, it seems… Read More »

Apple push automatic renewal and other functions to retain iOS paid subscribers

The iOS application software ecosystem is an important source of revenue for Apple and third-party developers. In recent years, Apple has been taking steps to encourage hardware users to become long-term subscribers to iOS software and digital content, thereby contributing to long-term, stable revenue. According to the latest news from foreign media, Apple has launched… Read More »

Apple blocked third-party ad-blocking tools to maintain dominance Safari

Previously, Apple has through its own Safari browser, launched the ad blocking function. Apple is also reorganizing the iOS video system in the ad blocking function, and according to foreign media latest news, Apple has modified the relevant software development policy, blocking the software store in the third-party advertising blocking tool. According to the US… Read More »

Apple big action: clean up some advertising shielding applications

July 16 news, Apple recently reorganized App Store software applications must support 64-bit, otherwise the next shelf does not support 64-bit APP. Now the latest news, Apple has a big move to clean up some advertising shielding applications. According to foreign media reports, Apple is currently cleaning up some of the advertising mask applications, which… Read More »

Apple pain killer! App Store all ad blocking software

Advertising push and shielding software can be described as fire and water can not, but helpless now a lot of systems and even the system mandatory bundled software will bring their own advertising properties, so shield killer also came into being. According to 9to5Mac reports, Apple is currently cleaning up some advertising mask applications (designed… Read More »

Amazon Alexa voice assistant broke out: breakthrough 15,000 features

Recently, foreign AI statistical agencies Voicebot statistics of the Amazon Alexa, Google voice assistant, Microsoft Xiaona the most well-known voice assistant software function number, which Amazon Alexa has amazing 15,000 features! The so-called function refers to the voice assistant device can run on the voice control applications, Voicebot published data, the Amazon official also confirmed… Read More »