Bing now means business

Unless you’re a regular Bing user, chances are you haven’t thought about Microsoft’s search engine all that much in recent years. While Microsoft has kept adding features to the service over time, its market share has remained pretty stable. At Microsoft’s Ignite enterprise conference in Orlando, Florida, however, Bing took center stage for a little… Read More »

Backed by Accel, GlowRoad helps Indian women build home businesses

GlowRoad’s team with founder Dr. Sonal Verma (center in green shirt) Indian e-commerce company GlowRoad is built on a simple premise. By connecting manufacturers with resellers and using drop shipping, it keeps everyone’s overhead costs low. The Bangalore-based startup, however, doesn’t just aspire to be an online reseller network. Founded by a former physician, GlowRoad’s… Read More »

Photo marketplace Picfair raises £1.5M, aims to ‘weaponise’ photographers

Picfair, the London-based photo marketplace founded by ex-journalist Benji Lanyado, has raised £1.5 million in new funding — capital it plans to use to market its “fair trade photography” proposition to the plethora of companies that need authentic photo content. These include publishers, creative agencies, and, with the huge rise in so-called content marketing, SMEs… Read More »

Inkitt, a ‘reader powered’ book publisher, raises $3.9M to discover the next best-selling author

Inkitt, which bills itself as “the world’s first reader-powered book publisher,” has raised $3.9 million in pre-series A funding, in a round led by Redalpine, with Frontline Ventures, Speedinvest and a number of private investors also participating. The Berlin-based startup is part writing and reading community, and part publishing house, with one aspect feeding the… Read More »

The new electronic police state

Matthew Feeney Contributor Matthew Feeney is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute. According to the government, your privacy protections evaporate the moment you set foot in an airport. Although the Fourth Amendment protects us and our “effects” from “unreasonable searches and seizures,” Customs and Border Protection agents can take advantage of an exception to… Read More »

How to announce a funding round

Tiffany Spencer Contributor Tiffany Spencer runs marketing and communications for Bessemer Venture Partners. Attracting investment is a milestone for any startup – it’s a vote of confidence from a respected outside expert in your space and a signal that your company is positioned for the future, which is important to prospective partners and customers, as… Read More »

The abyss of analytics

I want to talk about a mistake I see client after client making. (I work at a tech consultancy. We have a lot of clients. Not all of them make this mistake! …But many do.) That mistake is to obsess over analytics data, without any strategy; to assume that all that needs to be done… Read More »

Forget what you’ve been told about edtech

Patrick Brothers Contributor Patrick Brothers is the CEO of Navitas Ventures, the education venturing arm of Navitas. His mission is to scale ideas and help build successful teams that unleash human potential and transform the way the world learns. Investors are incessant in their hunt for the next emerging market. The investment de jour? Edtech.… Read More »