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About The Hoodia Plant

Hoodia is a genus in the plant family Apocynaceae, in the part of the family previously treated as a separate family Asclepiadaceae. They are stem succulents that can reach up to 1 m high and present exuberant flowers, often...

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Camping And Smoking

Ever since Teddy Roosevelt was the President of the United States, parks and wildlife have been an important part of the American culture. Just pull out a map of your state and take note of all of the green spots. Those are...

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A Life Threatening Environment

Environment is a very broad subject, and something during my life, I have always been at least aware of what is going on around me . Just over the past year though, one topic really got my attention in todays environment, things...

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Romancing The Flowers Part Three

If you want to elucidate friendship, delight, welcome back, and say that you care, yellow roses would make your work easier. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. Give her two red roses, each with a note. The first note...

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Romancing The Flowers Part Two

An array of culinary utilizations of Lavender, the crop is also used in aromatherapy. Herbal essential oils, perfumes, and scented candles use lavender profusely. Lavender has its origin and yielding areas spread in many parts...

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How To Photograph Wild Birds

Late fall is a perfect time to photograph wild birds. Leaves are falling off the trees, opening the view and birds are eager to feed. And if you’re participating in one of the several organized bird counts taking place...

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Do You Wear Bonsai Goggles ?

As I examine myself each morning in front of the mirror I continuously remind myself that in the bonsai world having short stubby limbs is considered to be desirable. In fact, in the bonsai world I will only become more...

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Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricanes are a powerful force of nature that thrives on the oceans where they are born but as they move inland they can be disastrous with heavy rains and winds. There is no town, city, or country that is safe from the fury of...

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