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Allen Institute for AI’s Semantic Scholar adds biomedical papers to its AI-sorted corpus

Semantic Scholar, an effort to index scientific literature using natural language processing and other AI methods, has added tens of millions of papers to its trove, expanding from computer science into biomedical studies. It’s a good opportunity for people in more fields to try this useful tool. Created by the Allen Institute for AI, Semantic Scholar scans through the whole text of these papers, correlating them with others to determine specific topics, the content of figures, keywords like drugs and organs, and so on. There’s so much literature being published now, and it stretches back so far, that it’s...

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WeChat begins censoring users ahead of China’s National Party Congress

Expect to see plenty of censorship news coming out of China over the next week. The country’s National Congress is a hugely influential political summit that takes place every five years, and includes the selection of central party leadership. It is also a time when Chinese censors are on high alert, particularly when it comes to online media. The next summit, the 19th, takes place on Wednesday, and is likely to last around a week. Already, on the eve of the gathering, we have the first glimpse of internet restrictions for Chinese users. WeChat, China’s top messaging app with more...

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Ticketmaster is taking NFL ticketing digital

The football ticket is about to go paperless. As part of a multi-year contract extension between The National Football League and Ticketmaster, the ticketing giant has said it will be selling the NFL “the first open architecture, fully digital ticketing system in sports.” Ticketmaster will also continue to run the NFL’s resale marketplace, the NFL Ticket Exchange, which will be migrated into the primary and resale platform on the company’s main NFL site. “This partnership lays the groundwork for where the ticketing industry can go, and we’re actively building both our business model and our technology to empower content-owners...

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Twitter is done with hate symbols and violent groups

Twitter, a platform infested with trolls, hate and abuse, can be one of the worst places on the internet. As a followup to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tweetstorm last week, in which he promised to crack down on hate and abuse by implementing more aggressive rules, Twitter is gearing up to roll out some updates in the coming weeks, Wired reported earlier today. “Although we planned on sharing these updates later this week, we hope our approach and upcoming changes, as well as our collaboration with the Trust and Safety Council, show how seriously we are rethinking our rules...

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